Survey Design Concept Process

The Survey Concept Design Process involves 3 Main Steps:

1. 1-2hr onsite meeting with the client to establish the brief of how the client wants to improve his/her house in relation to accommodation, quality, cost and time.

2. A 2hr circa survey of the existing dwelling to enable survey drawings to be made of the existing house.

3. Hamik Designs will then sketch up a custom product design (this could be a new house, renovation work to the existing house or a new extension) responding to the existing style of the house, site possibilities, orientation, aspect, energy saving considerations, existing house layout and most of all the client's brief.


After the survey and design phase are complete it will be at the client's discretion if he/she wants to proceed with more detailed drawings to enable tendering to different building contractors or for seeking planning permission if necessary. Please note proceeding to the next phase will incur additional costs for architectural services.